Liberty Hub Spain

Liberty Hub Spain

The Foundation for the Advancement of Freedom aims fundamentally to promote the whole of the libertarian movement. For this, it is essential to provide the most diverse organizations with the basic means to work for their various causes. In our country, associationism in our ideological niche is strongly constrained by material and training limitations, and the Liberty Hub Spain project is aimed at covering basic operational support and improving the quality and professionalism of associations. Only in this way will they be able to compete in civil society against the magma of collectivist organizations much more endowed with resources, personnel and training.

Liberty Hub Spain is the most ambitious project of the Foundation, It is a non-profit incubator and accelerator and strictly reserved for non-profit entities with a clear and direct pro-free market and pro-individual freedom orientation. It consists of four lines of service for them:

LS1. Basic operational needs. Initial help for the constitution of associations, fees, notarial expenses, elementary graphic design (logo), web hosting on the Hub’s servers, legal and fiscal address in Madrid, macro-ticket offices for documentation and materials.

LS2. Physical workspace. Permanent offices of various sizes, with a price objective lower than 50% of that applied by conventional business centers. Shared co-working space for associations without permanent offices. Common facilities (meeting rooms, small call center for fundraising, audiovisual and radio studio, conference and press room, etc.).

LS3. Expansion services. Services designed for the social expansion of the hosted associations: training for the leaders and staff of each association, specialized accounting in associations, legal advice, communication agency, graphic and web design studio, event organization, etc.

LS4. Hub Fund Fund made up of a percentage of the income received from the hosted entities, available with transparent criteria to help incipient associations or in difficult situations.

Liberty Hub Spain is a special project of the Foundation, which due to the high amount of the necessary contributions is not open to conventional crowdfunding. We ask people and companies interested in learning more about the project for possible support to contact the Foundation directly.

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