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Tha magazine ADVANCE of Liberty, published by the Foundation for the Advancement of Liberty starts in june 2020. It is an opinion magazine oriented to divulge the Libertarian ideas. It aims to provide our community to ideological ammunition to mutiply it throughout the entire society and win the intellectual battles on a daily basis in one’s social, cultural and professional circles.

First issues are free to access, as a sample of the magazine:

Number 1 – JUN 2020. See here | See on Issuu

Number 2 – JUL-AUG 2020. See here | See on Issuu

Number 3 – SEPT 2020. See here | See on Issuu

Number 4 – OCT 2020. See here | See on Issuu

Number 5 – NOV 2020. See here | See on Issuu

¿How to subscribe to ADVANCE?
The magazine is a product of the foundation, a non profit organization registered as such. In order to cover for the costs of production, the subscription will be made effective through a donation to the Foundation. For Spain, the amount is 48 euros annually or 80 euros for a two-year subscription.Make the donation here. You can also choose to pay four euros monthly for the subscription to our magazine by using Patreon.

For additional types of subscription, discounts for bulk subscriptions and mailing to other countries, please refer to page 3 of the magazine.
If you are a rezident in Spain, check with your tax advisor for the tax deductions applied in your case.

¿How to publish in ADVANCE?
The magazine welcomes materials of Libertarian orientation and also classic liberal, objetivist minarquist, ancap and keen. This is a magazine to divulge ideas aiming to offer the readers, analysis, ideas and arguments easily multipliable in daily debates. Therefore, we appreciate short articles (between 350 and 1000 words), written in a comprehensive style for a trained public but not specialized in each topic and avoiding foot notes. They are opinion author-signed articles. You can send your articles at checkrules for publishingbefore sending your piece.

¿How to advertise on ADVANCE?
The magazine is in active search for sustainable advertising. Because they are donations to the Foundation, they don’t support VAT and support a high deductible tax percentage on the sum donated. Additionally, by advertising your business, product or service you generate an important emotional link to our community of readers showing your support to the publication, thus to the social expansion of the ideas of Liberty. If you are interested in advertising your business, please send us an email at

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